Thursday, March 11, 2010

Don't Let Me Fall

I wanted to see what painting from a photograph was like. It can be hard because you start thinking that it has to look like the photo. I actually changed the shadow so that it would be more dramatic in my painting. The colors of the dress, the curtains and the walls are all real though. I wanted to show how I'm constantly see-sawing between doing something insane and staying in the safe, normal world. I took the picture at night so that I could demonstrate how dramatic the darkness could be. All the darkness helped the eye popping colors to stick out as well.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Top of the mornin' to ya!

These are some hats that I found in a corner of my closet. They were just too bright not to make a pastel of. So I just had at it. I much prefer the top two to the one on the bottom.

3/4 veiw is harder than it looks

A small sketch of me that I did to help figure out the proportions of my face. very light and summarized, but I've grown to like this one as well. The delicate feel makes the sketch.


These were just the leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner. An old project but it needed to be put up. I have a problem with the side of the glass but I quite like the rest of it.

A belt for a snow day

What I do with a snow day. I love
the hippy vibe that this gives off. I wanted for it to have nature elements in it and jusr a cool surfer-esque vibe as well. So I just tricked it out.

Because Starbucks double cups their coffee

This is my second experiment with blotting out words in order to highlight others. This one went rather well. I used a less crazy approach to make the focus the pink color and the delicate work on the rest of the cup. Done on Valentines day.

How to recycle a coffee cup

Actually this is the first coffee cup that I altered. I did this one around Valentines Day so the hearts are in aboundance.
I was experimenting with blotting out words(back of cup) but it didn't go so well...